Ranking #1 no longer the priority

Posted on: Mon, 17/09/2018

Remember those good old days when ranking #1 in a Google search was the most important thing for your business? Wait. What? You mean it’s not any longer!!

Well, things have evolved somewhat, and while achieving a top three position remains a strong priority, SEO is more intuitive these days…

In real terms, what this means is:

  1. There are more ‘distractions’ for users in the form of Paid Advert positions (of which there are more now than there were 2 years ago, for example), featured snippets, news, Google My Business listings and social listings.
  2. This in turn means that organic listings (the very ones you were aiming to top) are less likely to be seen or clicked on by users.
  3. All of which, in turn, means that your priorities for SEO should adapt to suit the changes from Google, and most importantly the expectations of users.

So what should you be doing? Well, ultimately the message here is that Google is placing more and more emphasis on EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness).

That means that content and peer ratings (via reviews) are taking precedence over the ‘traditional’ SEO aspects such as keywords and meta-data (although these remain building blocks of good SEO practice).

Make your content and your content marketing the most important aspect of how you manage your website. That’s step one. In real terms, that means:

  • Crafting truthful, engaging and helpful content
  • You need to use experts to give expert value (or be the expert yourself)
  • Your content needs to be clear, error-free and accessible to all readers
  • You need to be transparent – let visitors know who wrote the content they’re reading
  • You need to be responsive – answering questions personally and managing your business reputation are important for the Trust aspect
  • Keep your users safe – HTTPS status is an absolute must
  • You need to do this at a page and at a site level

Here are other things you should be doing to supplement your content strategy:

  1. Ensure your site is goal-orientated to improve Click Through Rate
  2. Know your users – do keyword research, and apply it creatively and intelligently into your site content and meta-data
  3. Do the basics right – mobile optimization, page load speeds, image tagging and sizes and other aspects of your site’s structure need to be on point.

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Ranking #1 no longer the priority
Source: Google
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