Google has recently enhanced one of its core products – Pay Per Click (PPC) text ads – with a range of new features designed for a mobile-first world.

While standard text ads have been highly effective communication tool for both advertisers and users, the character limitations in particular have meant that it can be difficult for advertisers to communicate as much as they would like to, and users often feel like they’d like more information before they click.

Bigger and better for everyone

To put it simply, Expanded Text Ads offer two key enhancements: firstly a bigger headline to catch your attention, and secondly a longer description.

Instead of the old 25-35-35 limits on total characters (headline and description), headlines in Expanded Ads will now allow two 35-character headlines with an 80-character description to construct emotive and captivating ad copy in 140 characters.

Further enhancements which allow two paths to highlight the display URL will also make life easier for advertisers, but will these enhancements actually have the desired impact?

Is it all about CTR?

Early reports have shown that Expanded Ads are producing a Click Through Rate around 20% higher than regular ads, which is most definitely great news for advertiser, but also means that the end-user is feeling more able to make a qualified click rather than just an exploratory one.

The knock-on effect? Well, a more qualified clickthrough is likely to mean that a visitor is more inclined to buy your product or service and that’s really what PPC advertising is all about – conversion.

How do you ensure your Expanded Ads improve your conversion? As an advertiser, your Adwords Quality Score is the benchmark you should test yourself against to ensure that when you implement Expanded Ads, your ad is near to the top…the increased size of Expanded Ads means that anything below position 3 or 4 could become irrelevant and ineffective.

Your copy will need to be inviting, informative and concise – that’s not always an easy thing to achieve!


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 Image source: Google