Google Ads Receive Lead Generating Extension

9th Dec 2019

The Ad extension, which was introduced in late October this year, is an add-on to Google Ads accounts, giving businesses the chance to create simple-to-submit forms with a range of calls-to-action.

Creating a lead form extension can be done quickly and easily, as follows:

  1. Sign into your Google Ads account and click ‘Campaigns’
  2. Click the ‘plus’ button and select New Campaign
  3. In the Goals section, select Leads
  4. Under Campaign type, select ‘Search’
  5. Click Continue and select your campaign settings as per usual
  6. In the Ad Extensions list, select Lead Form Extension, and select your Call to Action and Extension Text
  7. Create the Lead Form (headline, required information, URL to your privacy policy, form submission message)
  8. Click Save

You can also add a lead form extension to an existing Search ad – instead of creating a new campaign, simply select the campaign you want to attach the lead form to, and then follow the steps as above.

All leads generated by the campaigns will be stored in your Google Ads account, and you’ll be able to access and download these as a CSV file.

Within the download options, there is a ‘Download leads (CRM)’ option that will allow advanced users to automate the CVS process into CRM systems for further processing.

For more information on how to generate leads using this new extension, click here

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