Realnet Digital Marketing Packages: Effective, Measurable ROI is the shared goal

18th Oct 2022

Digital marketing is one of the most critical aspects of a strong online strategy, whether you’re selling products or services or simply looking to raise your business profile and increase the number of enquiries you receive through your various channels.

And, contrary to popular perception, digital marketing is not just simply a case of pushing money at a strategy and hoping it works out. A proper digital marketing package takes careful planning, clear goal setting, proper set up and execution and follow-up marketing and re-investment.

At Realnet we pride ourselves on offering our clients a range of digital marketing  that are tailor-made to each client depending on what they need, and what works best for their business.

Our digital marketing packages cover every aspect to help grow organic traffic, generate leads and convert sales.

Before we get started, we sit with our clients to fully understand the purpose of the exercise, asking them a series of questions to identify and categorise what they want to achieve, what the focus points are and how best we can orientate the strategy to deliver results.

Included in the planning are the following elements:

  • Reviewing the website content and structure to ensure it’s optimised correctly for organic growth and rankings across the local, national and international target audience.
  • In doing so, we include keyword research and analysis to ensure the client’s website content matches the terms their target customers are using to search.
  • We also analyse the market to know and understand what the client’s competitors are doing so that we can produce a plan that captures market share effectively.
  • With all of this information, we work with our client to create a marketing plan that clearly explains each of the steps involved, and what the desired outcomes are so that everyone has a shared understanding.

Part of the planning phase also includes – based on the information above – the type of digital marketing support package needed to deliver the most effective results.

Realnet’s digital marketing packages include:

Search Engine Optimisation

  • High focus on keyword targeting with the goal to significantly improve organic traffic and lead generation over time.
  • Key attributes: good long-term strategy, cost-effective, measurable.

Content Marketing

  • Campaigns focused on using bespoke content to drive user interest and engagement, including written, video, audio and image-based content such as infographics.
  • Key attributes: relevance, usefulness, authoritativeness


Pay-Per-Click/Google Ads

  • Intelligently-placed, highly-targeted, paid-for campaigns that elevate the client’s business in Google Search.
  • Key attributes: highly-targeted, measurable, flexible

Social Media

  • Using content and adverts on targeted social media channels to encourage awareness, engagement and website traffic.
  • Key attributes: highly-targeted, measurable, flexible, can be content-based, measurable, cost-effective


Email Marketing

  • The highest ROI marketing channel of all, email marketing uses a content-based strategy to deliver content to highly-engaged audiences.
  • Key attributes: highly-targeted to engaged audiences, flexible in terms of content, measurable, cost-effective.

User Experience

  • Making structural and content-based changes to your website to maximise the efficiency with which visitors can browse and achieve their (and your) goals.
  • Key attributes: good long-term strategy, cost-effective, measurable

For all our clients who make use of our digital marketing packages, we include comprehensive monthly reporting using leading tools such as Google GA4, website audit crawlers and custom reporting tools.

At Realnet we orientate our services around one common goal – to help you achieve the best possible outcome from your digital platforms by growing strong, engaged audiences who become repeat customers and brand evangelists for your business.

Find out more about how we can help you plan and execute digital marketing campaigns that deliver measurable results and an excellent return on investment.

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