PDF Carousels on LinkedIn

1st Jan 2020

There are many ways to increase engagement around your products or services – good website content and SEO, regular news articles, strong social media content and updates and paid campaigns can all contribute to better results.

One of the most effective tools is using LinkedIn to post PDF documents into a carousel.

Usually people use the carousels for images only, but recent results show that posting useful PDFs has a far higher engagement factor.

How to Post PDFs Into a Carousel

1.Click on the ‘share document’ icon on your LinkedIn page (located on the ‘start a post’ box, on the right-hand side)

2.Select your file

3.Give a short, descriptive title taking SEO into account

4.Write a catchy blurb – focus on features, benefits and what’s in it for the reader

It’s as simple as that!

A business coach on LinkedIn recently shared some results from a campaign that he did, showing that his standard post achieved 23 000 views in comparison with his carousel post which achieved 137 000 views.

The results speak for themselves!

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