Website for Suffolk based specialist optics company

11th Jul 2013

For their real world Optical products Comar engaged Realnet to modernise and put together clear messaging and calls to action for their new website including the look and feel,  full integration with their business application software and enabling a full ecommerce system.

The new homepage promoting the products and showing trust of their pedigree, skill and longevity

Comar have off the shelf optics as well as their more specialised bespoke product design service catering for both larger and smaller intricate projects in the UK, Canada, the USA and the rest of the world.

The website has over 9000 products with many and a varying array of attributes for each. Taking these engaging optical products from a printed catalogue into a fully active and dynamic database was never going to be an easy task. The product inventory required a hierarchy of information organisation to enable the database to work at its optimum speed and efficiency.

The speciality was a hidden powerhouse of online mass integration and full communication with their SAP business software – seamlessly working with the ecommerce system as well as multiple currencies.

Do you need some optics for your project, off the shelf or for your custom build. All that you could need can be found or produced at Comar.

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