New Ways to Convert Leads

Tuesday, 7th January 2020

Generating and converting more leads in 2020 is a's a new tool that could really help!


It’s a new year, and for many businesses, this means the excitement and challenge of increasing leads, conversions and revenues particularly through online platforms.

One of the most practical ways to do this is to implement changes on your website that cut down on exits and improve user flow towards goal conversions, whether that’s getting in touch, placing an order, navigate to another section on the site - whatever you have as a priority!

But what changes? Well, there are a number of things you can do - change Call to Action wording, moving or updating shape, colour and size of clickthrough buttons, implementing new forms or contact methods (WhatsApp, for example) and tweaking layout and content on your website.

But, like most things digital, the impact of these may take some time to see and measure.

One alternative that may deliver faster, measurable results is to implement a pop-up creator and manager such as Hello Bar, a tool that allows you to capture and convert leads using well-placed and well-timed pop-up messaging on your website.

What is Hello Bar?

It’s a plug-in tool that sits at the top of your site on pages you select that allows you to: 

  • Greet people as they enter your site
  • Collect information such as email addresses or phone numbers
  • Notify visitors of deals, promotions, new information etc. and direct them to that section of the site 

How do you set up and manage Hello Bar?

It’s a pretty straightforward process…

  1. Select the goal of your campaign - do you want to draw attention to a particular piece of content and create an offer around that content? Do you want to promote a deal and send people to that page or get them to submit their details to receive the offer? 
  2. Once you’ve created the page, content, offer or enticement, you can set up a Hello Bar that engages visitors to convert against that goal.
  3. Hello Bar allows you to select your copy, image, template design, set up A/B testing, select your clickthrough URL if applicable, and customise the parameters to ensure the right audience sees and engages with your offer.

How much does a Hello Bar cost?

There are a number of different options, ranging from a Free Forever package right through to an Elite option.

For more information on Hello Bar and pricing, click here.