Make The Most Out of Your Holiday Promotions

Thursday, 1st January 1970

Realnet is sharing our tips on how to make the most our of your holiday promotions.

It may be Halloween next Thursday however it will not be long until we hear the very recognisable Coke Cola jingle when watching adverts on TV or online, which can only mean one thing ‘The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming.’.  While not everyone celebrates Christmas, most businesses do celebrate the exponential increase in sales that they receive through their festive, holiday promotions.

At Realnet, we want to help you get a piece of that Christmas pudding, so to speak, so we have created an easy to use guide to help you through this winter. Even though this resource will be most appropriate for the winter festivities, the key points can easily be transferred and applied for any time of year.

Planning is Everything!

Much like when buying Christmas presents, it’s best practice to create your promotion in advance. This allows you to have plenty of time to discuss, evaluate and adjust your plan before it is time to put it into motion. 

Begin by considering which of your products or services it will feature, when the promotion will begin and end, who your targeting this promotion towards and what do you aim to generate as a result of it. 

Create SMART targets for the promotion in order to ensure that you are clear on what you want to achieve, in what time and how you can identify that the goal has been successfully completed. 

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant/Realistic, Timed, a great criterion to establish clear targets. This acronym can also be extended to SMARTER, the E and the R standing for Evaluated and Reviewed. The latter ER were introduced to encourage you to analyse the performance of a campaign. From there you can judge whether the outcome was worth it or whether the techniques that were used could be optimised to achieve better results or achieve the same results only faster, in the future. 

Think Simple!

Not all of your gestures need to be elaborate. Sometimes something simple like implementing a ‘Christmas Countdown’ on the website can be a fun way of attracting attention from prospective buyers, or even just updating your team photos on your website with a snowy frame/filter. A website visitor is more likely to prefer your website over another if yours is being dynamically updated with features or themes that are relevant to the time of year or in regards to current real-life topics, events or situations. 

One of the main appeals about the winter holiday is how special it is- the exclusive drinks, food and clothing that are only embraced at this time of year. Customers enjoy receiving a unique product or service as the uniqueness is what makes the customer feel cared for and significant, they were part of a special experience. So, your business could emulate the same thing. Is there a product or service that you offer, which is particularly popular in the winter season? If so then it may benefit your business to include it in a holiday package, perhaps combined with other items that may not sell as well at that time of year. This is a great way of introducing customers to new products that they may not have used or even heard of before, as well as selling stock that is harder to move. Another idea could be adapting the packaging to have a snow-like aesthetic, either sporting a red or frosty blue, holiday re-design much like how Starbucks and Costa introduce new Winter holiday themed cups.

Be Inclusive!

While brands can go very heavy on the ‘Christmas’ marketing, it is important to address and welcome those that do not share that same celebration. For instance, if you are adapting your branding to go alongside your holiday promotion, it is best to keep it vague, referencing the general season (in this case Winter) rather than a specific event; if you were to only market to those that celebrate Christmas than you could result in alienating those that do not partake in the celebration. So always be considerate to others and keep everyone in mind when updating your designs.

Hopefully you have found these tips to be helpful and if you are looking for further information regarding digital marketing then definitely get in touch with us.


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