Kickstart Your 2019 Digital Marketing Strategy

Tuesday, 18th December 2018

2019 is fast approaching have you started planning your digital marketing strategies yet?

We’re all gearing down for the year as we head into Christmas, but although it’s Festive Season and time to have a bit of a break, before you know it we’ll be in 2019 and your business activities will start up in earnest again.

So what plans for digital marketing do you have for next year? Times are changing, and traditional digital marketing is no longer as simple as a few Google Ad campaigns and a smattering of social media activity.

It’s time to get serious about strategy, consistency and implementation.

Here are our 5 top tips to help you kick off 2019 on the front foot.

1. Get your strategy in place early

You know your business well enough to be able to plan months in advance as to what events, promotions, new offerings, additional services and other enhancements you’ll be offering your customers and clients.

Plan these out, and think about seasonal changes, monthly events, milestones that you can leverage and other tangible activities that you can use to map out your forthcoming campaigns.

Plan exactly what you’d like to achieve, how you’d like to do so, who will be responsible and other details to ensure your 2019 strategy is sorted as the year kicks off. Remember, you can always add and amend what you’ve done to be responsive, but trying to play catch-up is far more difficult!

2. Know what is working, what isn’t

How comprehensive are your reports from campaigns you’ve run this past year? Which channels worked the best, and which types of campaigns? Are you creative elements strong enough visually, and are you leading your clients into the sales funnels effectively? What is the conversion rate on these funnels?

In short, have as much information and data as possible from recent campaigns and use these to inform tweaks and changes to your planning for next year to ensure you get the biggest bang for buck.

3. Learn from previous successes

Once you’ve done the above analysis, be clear on amplifying success and don’t waste time on channels that deliver poor results just because ‘everyone else is doing it’… if Facebook delivers you a higher conversion for a lower cost per result, then spend more money there. If email marketing tops the list, make it a focus.

It sounds logical, but quite often businesses will try and hit every channel because their competitors do, but there is no point in using a shotgun approach when a scalpel is more effective.

4. Who are you talking to?

More important than anything else, spend time and effort knowing exactly who your audience is, and how best to reach them. Keyword analysis, website and social media analytics, surveys and clever audience segmentation can improve your conversion rate immeasurably so the investment in getting this right is completely worth it.

5. Hit the EAT principles hard

Google has continued to refine its SERP algorithms with the Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (EAT) standards setting a new bar in content veracity and importance.

How good is the content on your website, and how well does it consistently meet the EAT standards? Do a review of your site’s entire content base, and make sure you’re getting this right. It’s a fundamental part of good SEO, and should tie into your content marketing strategy too – after all, you want to hit a consistent tone across your outward-facing media, as well as your on-site content.

Take 2019 by storm, contact Realnet today for advice and guidance on your digital marketing strategy.