Study Reveals 54% of Users Buy a Product After Seeing it on Instagram

13th Jun 2019

Facebook recently conducted a survey that included 21,000 regular Instagram users to understand how they interact with brands and how this translates to sales. The survey included respondents across 13 countries.

Results of the survey revealed that 66% of Instagram users like the platform because they can engage directly with brands. And it is this close interaction that’s driving sales. 54% of respondents said they have purchased something right after seeing it on Instagram.

Not only this, 87% of users said they took action after seeing a product on Instagram. So, although people may not be ready to purchase at that exact moment, you’re still reaching people on the buyer journey who plan to buy something later.

The content that you create is also important for Instagram audiences. 53% of people said that they would follow a brand for the content it posts alone. This shows that the content you post is one of the best ways to build your following and gain customers.

Instagram stated their research showed that when it comes to creating content, their users prefer something that is authentic compared to something that is beautifully produced. This means that you don’t need to overthink what you’re posting – it just needs to capture the attention of your followers.

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