Human nature & search behaviour

Thursday, 1st January 1970

Can increasing your Paid Search spend improve your organic listing success?

Let’s face it, if you want to achieve a reasonable amount of success for your online business, you’re going to have to spend some money with Google. But the reasons why you should do so may not be excactly what you expect… 

Having excellent SEO and achieving a top five organic ranking is still a top priority, and spending with your digital support company has to be tempered against spending on Adwords campaigns to try and ensure you also appear in the paid slots that are taking up increasingly large sections of real estate at the top of SERPs.

But are there any other upsides to spending more on Search campaigns? And can the money you spend actually contribute in ways that don’t cost you anything?

Chris Rand at Business Marketing Online thinks so, and we like his rationale…

The power of human nature

A research study by Google last year revealed the following astonishing statistics:

  • nearly 68% of all search result clicks are on the top five organic results
  • results 6-10 on page one get around 3.75% of clicks
  • pages two and three account for 5.5% of clicks 

So what’s left? Only about 13%... and those clicks are the ones that land up on Paid Ads, different search engines or the select few who give up searching… 

Explain, please?

“Why would this be?” you ask? Well, it’s human nature – we simply prefer not to click on results that say ‘advert’, most likely because we believe it allows us a modicum of control, of self expression.

But there are a number of other factors too, as Rand points out: “There’s evidence that clicks on organic (free) search results increase if there’s an advert for the same company immediately above them.

“Let’s say there are adverts from companies A, B and C, and below these, natural search results from companies D, E and B. Our experience is that searchers will scan down and read all six, and the most clicked on items will be (in order): natural result D, natural result B, advert A.

“What’s happened here is that the searcher liked the first natural result best of all; this isn’t surprising, as it’s the one which the search engine, through a lot of trial and error, considers to be the most popular and relevant.

But the searcher then preferred the third natural result to the second one, and the reason can only be put down to the existence of the advert at the top of the page reinforcing the relevance and legitimacy of the result."

So what does this mean?

Simply put, if you’re spending enough money to ensure a top paid position, you’re likely to enjoy an increased – if sometimes subtle and unmeasureable – brand exposure that lends greater credibility to your organic listing.

And positive brand exposure that leads to greater clicks on your free result listing can only be a good thing. Ergo, spending more on Paid Search can have real upsides that actually cost you nothing! 

For more information on setting up and managing paid search campaigns, and improving your SEO to ensure your organic listings achieve the best possible ranking, contact Realnet today on +1223 55 08 09. 

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