How to convert your website traffic

Thursday, 23rd February 2017

How to bring| keep and more importantly convert the traffic to your website

In the world of digital optimisation, the focus is often on generating as much traffic as possible, and in fairness, getting people to your site remains a critical part of digital success. However, there are actually more fundamental things to get right first, before focussing on traffic generation.

  • Understand your clients needs 
    • A critical part of ensuring that your site is successful is understanding what it is that visitors to the site want to see and do.
    • This means asking yourself the questions or needs your potential consumer might have, and ensuring that your website answers and/or offers a solution to those questions quickly and efficiently.
    • Make sure your content is client focussed, 'how can your company satisfy the consumer’s needs', a website that is too inwardly-focussed i.e. talks about your company and your needs, can be off-putting for potential customers, they need to know they are your priority.
  • Keep potential clients on your site
    • Make sure that once you’ve got a visitor you keep them engaged, guide them towards your predetermined goal (usually a sale/purchase), show them the information that they need in a clear, concise and consumer-focussed way. If the client finds the end goal too difficult to get to they will move on to another website quickly. 

 6 great content tips:

  • Put the content into words on a web page rather than a downloadable document – this is more Search Engine friendly and ensures you’re not expecting your visitors to jump through unnecessary hoops to access what they want.
  • Have enough content to cover all angles – if your content is too light on substance, you’ll rank lower than competitor sites.
  • Break your content down into digestible chunks – use bullet lists, mini-headings and infographics/videos where possible. Diverse content delivery keeps visitors stimulated and is good for SEO.
  • Ensure that the basics on your site are there – a footer on every page that includes your company’s contact details will improve SEO
  • Connect your paid marketing to the right pages. Paid marketing campaigns (on Facebook and Google Display Network, for example) can be excellent vehicles to drive traffic.
  • Focus your page directs to specific pages on your website. Sending every visitor to the home page or contact us page on your site can be too generic to be truly useful.

If you get the above right, the traffic you do drive to your site will be far more likely to take the next step with you, therefore converting your traffic from page browsers to clients and potentially a paying customer.

Try using your website as if you are the customer

Take some time to go through your site either by yourself or with your digital partner.

Ask yourselves:

  • Is your website easy to understand?
  • Does the content answer the questions your potential consumers might have?
  • Do you offer clear solutions?
  • Do you offer clear 'calls to action'?
  • How do you feel about your website? Are you excited by it? Would you buy from you or become a client?

If the answer is "NO" to any of these, then you could be losing customers daily, who have been on your website and felt the same, and you wouldn't even know it!


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