How Colour Can Influence Your Email Marketing

Thursday, 1st January 1970

Colours naturally have an impact on our emotions and can even influence buying behaviours.

Colours naturally have an impact on the way we feel and can even influence behaviours on the sales journey. By thinking about what action you want people to take through your email marketing, you can pick a relevant colour to help steer them in the right direction.

Making sure they fit with your brand, below, we explore some of the most common colours and some of the emotions they can evoke.


In marketing, we tend to favour red as it commands attention. Red also sparks feelings of excitement, passion, energy and can even encourage appetite. As is creates a sense of urgency, red is great for use in clearance sale campaigns.


This bright colour signifies creativity, fun and enthusiasm. Including this in your marketing messages can help to inspire your customers and grab their attention.


To evoke feelings of stability, trust, confidence and harmony, use blue. If you use this in your email campaigns your brand could be seen as trustworthy.


Yellow is a colour that is commonly associated with optimism, happiness and positivity. Brands with a cheerful personality should use this colour to support their marketing.


Despite being connected to jealousy and envy, green can stimulate positive emotions. Green is often used alongside growth, health and wealth. If you are a health or fitness brand, consider using green in your email communications.


Although usually associated with royalty, purple can be used in your marketing as it is linked to power, wisdom and luxury.

What are the Best Practices for Using These Colours in my Email Marketing?

Draw attention to your call to action

One of the most important elements of your email marketing campaigns is the call to action button. Not only does this need to be well-designed, it must also feature a colour that drives your intended action. Try using a bright colour that subscribers can’t miss such as red or orange.

Use a contrasting colour

The Isolation Effect is a psychological principle that can be applied to colours. In basic terms, it means the element that stands out is most likely to be remembered. When it comes to choosing what colours to use in your email, the most important elements should have a contrasting colour scheme to help it stand out.

Pick images that incorporate your chosen colour

Including images in your email is a must. Visuals are processed 600,000 faster than text and images have been known to increase engagement rate. However, you must ensure that the images you select are relevant. Whilst an image may look nice, it must relate to the product or service that you’re trying to promote.

Once you’ve chosen your colour scheme, including images that incorporate your colour not only creates a consistent look, but also helps to drive the emotions you’re trying to emit whether that be trust or happiness.

Make sure it fits with your brand

It sounds like a lot of fun playing around with colours, but you also need to make sure these relate to your brand. Colours also play a significant role in brand recognition so don’t stray away from your brand too much with your colour scheme as this could confuse subscribers. 

At the end of the day, your subscribers are looking for informative content from your emails. Test which colours increase clicks or conversions and don’t overdo it with the colours.

How our team of experts can help you create successful email marketing campaigns

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