Healthy Job Hunting

20th Nov 2013

Apex needed to inject some fresh style and function into their website, to improve it’s wellbeing. As an organisation with many years of specialised recruitment experience, they found themselves hunting far and wide for the right company to do the job. However, the search was narrowed to Realnet, who offered an impressive CV and a host of professional achievements.

Upon appointment, we consulted with Apex so we could understand the ailments of their current site, and address the symptoms it was displaying to their business. After patient care was taken to assess the needs and priorities of the company, a professional opinion was formed of how to treat the new site build. A prescription for the redesign was then drawn up, to enable us to manage the optimum outcome.

The operation was deemed a success, and the new site has helped to rejuvenate the company’s branding. At the heart of the site is a clear and functional search system that enables jobseekers to reach relevant results with clinical precision, and apply quickly and easily online. A google friendly setup also ensures that Apex will have no respite from online enquiries, and that the site’s performance will be off the chart. Responsive design allows busy candidates to search and view job listings on the go with their mobiles. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to dispense our technical expertise in support of Apex’s digital health, and look forward to analysing the efficacy of the rebuild. Why not visit the site and let us know your thoughts?

If you too have a poorly website that you’re sick of the sight of, contact Realnet today, to discuss how we can help move it from intensive care to perfect health.

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