Top Tips to Grow Your Business Reach

1st Feb 2023

As 2023 gets fully into gear, you’ll have started implementing your growth strategies across your digital marketing channels. For more tips on how to go about this, read our article from last week.

But there are plenty of other activities you should include in your planning so that your business’s reach grows across all available channels, not just digitally. Whilst work-from-home and other hybrid working strategies are very much in play, people still like to connect face-to-face, so many of our suggestions below bring these into play – take a look!

Product Launches

Make use of new products or services and arrange events for people to come and test or try them out. You can host these at your premises, hire specific premises or make use of public spaces (with permission, of course!).

This is a great way not only to get potential customers to interact with your products or services, but additionally a great way to add a personal touch and build your brand’s reach.

Attend Networking Events

They’re tried and tested, and have stood the test of time – the good old networking event! Joining up with organisations such as Business Network International (BNI) or even your local business group is an ideal way to get other businesses to know what you offer, become ambassadors or even customers, and for you to find new services that you can make use of.

Be involved in your Community

One of the best ways to truly understand your customers is to be involved with them in any community projects, initiatives, events and so forth.

Whether that’s taking part in charity drives, setting up a stand at events, being part of an outreach programme or similar, or supporting the local sports teams, it’s a great way for people to get to know you, and make them far more likely to use your services, buy your products and recommend you to anyone who asks!

Be responsive

Many of the above suggestions are excellent opportunities to build content for your social media channels, email marketing channels and to add to your website in the ‘News’ section, helping boost your company’s digital presence and reach too.

If you’re producing content for your digital media channels – social media, email, on your website – enable customers to feed back and be responsive. Answer questions, make helpful suggestions, give tips, solve any issues and be personable in your conversation.

You can also ask for specific feedback via forms, quizzes, polls and more to make your brand more interactive, and gather first-hand feedback to help you improve.

Offer incentives for participation – a discount code, a prize or similar – as this will increase the levels of engagement, making this an excellent way to build trust, close the gap between customers and your business, and build an excellent reputation as an authority in your specialist area.

Work with the Right Influencers

One of the best ways to grow reach and find a larger audience to market to is to use a brand influencer.

It can be tricky, you need to find someone who already has an established following in the right sector for your business, and someone who has a track record of being:

  • Trustworthy
  • Honest
  • Non-controversial
  • Disciplined in their posting schedule

Ideally, you need to work with them to build content ideas together and ensure that they stick to the plan.

Incentivise your Staff as Brand Ambassadors

Building a culture of pride in your business is a great way to ensure your staff spread the word when they’re not at work. Keep them motivated and incentivised through bonuses, prizes, awards and so forth but make sure the message they’re giving out is an honest one that truly represents your business’s capabilities and ethos.

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