Google to replace In-page Analytics with Chrome extension

Thursday, 10th November 2016

Google's Site Overlay function has been replaced by a Chrome extension to simplify in-page Analytics

Google have introduced a simple Chrome extension that gives excellent insights into how visitors are interacting with your website.

This extension will soon replace the original ‘Site Overlay’ function – part of the Google Analytics dashboard that gives a visual guide, using percentage indicators, of where visitors to your site are clicking so that you are able to determine not only what content, but also what navigation items are producing the most engagement.

 You are then able to tweak both design and content to improve journey flow through your site, and conversion on your goals.

Originally, this function was accessible only from inside a main Google Analytics (GA) account, which although not too tedious to access, did involve a bit of navigation around the GA dashboard – which not everyone is familiar with.

Now though, by adding the ‘Page Analytics’ extension, and being logged into your GA account, you can view these percentage indicators as well as a ‘dashboard bar’ at the simple click of a button on your Chrome toolbar.

The dashboard gives a snapshot of Unique Users, Page Views, Bounce Rate, Site Exits and Real Time usage for the page you’re on.

To add the Chrome extension, simply search for ‘Page Analytics’ in Google Chrome, and click to add.

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