Google Launches Redesigned Search Card

Friday, 12th July 2019

Google have announced another redesign to its Search results page.

Google have announced another redesign to its Search results page – and it could have a significant impact on publishers or companies trying to get their content found.

Google announced the rollout on Thursday, and it entails the results page showcasing a cleaner news block featuring more information intended to provide a more detailed search result.

It has done away with the secondary links below a main Search result, and that is where problem may arise.

It means that fewer results are shown, which could lead to a noticeable decline in traffic should your website's SEO not be set up perfectly.

On the flip side, if your website is perfectly optimized, it could result in a significant increase in traffic as your content gets pushed to the top and gets displayed in a more comprehensive and appealing way.

So the message is clear: spend some quality time making sure your website in fully optimized. Remember, every little bit helps your cause, and it could lead to much higher volumes of traffic and, as a result, more business.

Google said it would begin to roll out the new design over the next few weeks. 

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