Google Launches More Results On Mobile

Thursday, 1st January 1970

Search engine giant Google introduces new mobile search feature...

Google has officially announced the arrival of the ‘More results’ button on mobile search result pages.

The feature has been included as part of the mobile experience after extensive testing since late last year.

The button will allow users to load more results beyond the first set of results displayed, rather than having to click the now-redundant ‘next’ button that loaded a new page of mobile results.

The feature enhances the usability of the search functionality for the end user by reducing page load times, and helps site owners who may not rank in the top 10 by allowing more results to appear more easily on page 1.

Another key differentiator with the above change, is that Google has also relegated adverts to beneath the organic search results, regardless of whether a user has clicked on ‘More results’ or not. 

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