Google launches Intelligent Products Essentials for AI-powered product development

28th Oct 2021

Google launches Intelligent Products Essentials

As consumer and commercial products evolve to match growing expectations, manufacturers are being forced to adapt their processes to produce items that use intelligence to deliver engaging customer experiences.

Consumers want items that manage themselves where possible, enhance consumer capability, adapt to meet and match consumer behaviour and stay up to date with minimum input from the product owner.

But developing and embedding Artificial Intelligence capability into a product has, to date, been a challenge – it can be complex, costly and have barriers to connectivity with existing products that mean the integration into homes or businesses isn’t as seamless as the owner would want.

Google is tackling these challenges head-on by launching its Intelligent Products Essentials solution on the foundation of its Cloud platform.

Intelligent Products Essentials allows manufacturers to rapidly develop, test and deploy products that are able to evolve to meet customer expectations, update features and software automatically via AI at the Edge and provide useful usage data to optimise performance over time.

With Intelligent Products Essentials, manufacturers are able to:

  • Personalize customer experiences: Provide a compelling ownership experience that evolves over the lifetime of the product. For example, a chatbot that contextualizes responses based on product status and customer profile.
  • Manage and update products over-the-air: Deploy updates to products in the field, gather performance insights and evolve capabilities over time with monetization opportunities.
  • Predict parts and service issues: Detect operating thresholds, anomalies and predict failures to proactively recommend service using AI, reducing warranty claims, decreasing parts shortages and increasing customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Intelligent Products Essentials helps manufacturers deploy and get feedback in real-time using the following features:

Edge connections: Connect and ingest raw or time-series product telemetry from various device platforms utilizing IoT Core or Pub/Sub and enable deployment and management of firmware over-the-air and machine learning models with Vertex AI at the edge.

  • Ownership App Template: Easily build connected product companion apps that work on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Use a pre-built API and accompanying sample app that can incorporate product or device registration, identity management, and provide application behavior analytics using Firebase.
  • Product fleet management: Manage, update and analyze fleets of connected products via APIs, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Looker.
  • AI services: Create new features or capabilities for your products using AI and machine learning products such as DialogFlow, Vision AI, AutoML, all from Vertex AI.

Intelligent Products Essentials integrates with various other Google and non-Google services such as Dataflow, BigQuery, Quantifi and Softserve to ensure that manufacturers can maximise the value of each service across the full product development spectrum.

Intelligent Products Essentials is available immediately from Google – visit for more information.

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