User visibility in Google Analytics

1st Nov 2017

Analytics is adding a new feature for users to be able to see other users who have permissions for a specific level of the account hierarchy and levels higher. This is to encourage users working collaboratively. This means if you are permitted to see Analytics view you can see who else also is and also of the parent property and account.

  • Both users and administrators can control account permissions, memberships and determine which users can see each other. 
  • Users who have the ‘Manage Users permission’ can remove others as well as change which area of the hierarchy people are in.
  • All users can remove their own accounts. 
  • Suite Admins are able to remove from other linked accounts also. 

The different permissions you can have are: 

  • Manage users – You can delete/add users and assign which permissions people have – this does not include collaborate or edit. 
  • Edit – Edit/delete/add accounts, filters, properties etc but not manage users. Includes Collaborate. 
  • Collaborate – You can create personal assets and share them with others and also edit ones that are shared with you. Includes Read & Analyse. 
  • Read & Analyse – Can see data in reports and filter tables etc, create personal assets and share. Can also see shared assets but not edit them. 

For more information on new viewing permissions read here or on user permissions here. 

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