Shortform URLs And Digital Marketing

10th Jan 2018

Getting people to the right page on your website can be a challenge…

Consider the following: you’ve got a specific product or service you’d like to promote, and you’ve set up a marketing campaign to support that, but the page URL for this particular offer is

Hardly a compelling URL to have to include on a digital post, or anywhere for that matter!

So what’s the best way to get people to that page without them having to type that all in (which they simply won’t do!)?

There are two options…

Shortform URLs

These are technical plug-ins or add-ons that allow you to enter your extremely long URL and spit out a shortened version that’s far easier to articulate in marketing efforts.

There are a number of online services you can use, including and TinyURL, but they come with the disadvantage of being generic, so your brand name won’t appear in the URL they shorten for you.

Many CMSs will, however, include this feature, so if you’re managing your own content on-site, or can ask your content management partner to do so for you, you should be able to get a branded shortform URL – the better solution in this case!

Sending people to your home page

Ultimately though, the best way to convert people to the specific page you’re marketing is to send them to your home page and ensure there’s a prominent link taking them to the relevant page.

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