Google Ads Campaigns: Getting The Best Bang For Buck

Thursday, 1st January 1970

Here's our checklist to make sure your Google Ads campaigns deliver maximum efficiency.

Setting up paid advertising campaigns can be a highly effective way to market your products or services to a specific target audience.

But setting these campaigns up correctly, and managing them to ensure maximum efficiency of results can be a time-consuming and sometimes confusing task.

There are so many settings in Google Ads that it really does take a professional touch to ensure not only that your campaigns are being set up properly with measurable goals, but also that they're being monitored correctly to assess how effectively they're delivering against those goals.

Here's a checklist to ensure your Google Ads campaigns are being set up and managed effectively:

  1. Make sure your search terms are based on keyword research so that your campaigns are both set up and measured against the most relevant terms. But once your tracking reporting begins, measure the success of your campaigns against actual search terms, not keywords so that you can refine your campaigns to be more effective.

  2. Make sure Conversion Tracking is correctly set up – this can be done fairly easily on most websites and is the starting point for measurable efficiency.

  3. Track conversions – how many people are clicking on your ad and completing the goal? This should be the focus of all campaigns!

  4. Measure your cost per conversion – there is no point in wasting budget on campaigns that deliver click through but no conversion. Make sure you analyse why this might be happening, and make the necessary tweaks and changes to your goal to increase measurable conversion.

  5. Make sure you're tracking the following metrics within the above campaigns: where the ads showed (on which specific sites), what devices they showed on and geographically where they were displayed – knowing these metrics and using them to define and refine campaigns is essential to creating the best efficiencies.

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