Get your Ecommerce Website Ship Shape ahead of Christmas

20th Oct 2020

Get your Ecommerce Website Ship Shape ahead of Christmas

It’s definitely been a strange and stressful year, but as Christmas approaches and with online shopping very much in the ascendancy, now is the perfect time for ecommerce website owners to optimise their websites to maximise sales over the coming months.

Whether you already have an ecommerce website, need to revamp or need to start from scratch, take a look at these top design and User Experience (UX) tips that can really help you set your site apart from the competition.

#1 Go Big on Visuals

There is a simple truth in the fact that customers feast with their eyes first so make the most of your product images, giving customers ample chance to view them from multiple angles, up close and in context (where possible).

And where possible make use of video – this is the fastest growing means by which visitors are consuming content, and if your video is compelling and sells your product’s features and benefits well, you’ll significantly improve your sales conversions.

#2 Make sure your Calls to Action (CTAs) stand out

A recent study by Hubspot revealed that content with CTAs in the anchor text at the beginning converted customers by an average of 121% more than posts or content without. The message is clear – make sure you include CTAs in logical, easy to spot and prominent positions on your site and in your content.

You can consider adding a splash page or pop-up, especially if you’re promoting specific items on sale, but beware not to make them too obtrusive – don’t let them cover the whole page, for example, or too frequent – just one or two pages on the site will do (including home page).

#3 Optimise your site for maximum load speed

This is more a general site must-do than just something you should be doing for Christmas but ensuring that your user’s experience is enhanced through great load speeds will significantly increase the amount of time they spend on site, and how many pages they view. Coupled with your great CTA strategy as outlined above, you’ll be converting sales in no time!

#4 Track your Sales Funnel from Origin to Endpoint

Data and analytics are the key to any successful business – not just reading them, but analysing what they’re telling you about your sales funnel so that you know where and how to optimise. Make use of pixels that track conversion from your digital marketing materials to your sales funnel, and how far visitors go.

By reviewing and understanding the points in the funnel at which most people drop off, you’ll be able to make adjustments to smooth out those sticking points and increase sales through-put.

#5 Test the final hurdles thoroughly and regularly

Your basket process is the final step your visitor will take in the process to becoming a customer. How well does your basket work? Where could it be improved? Check it regularly and benchmark it against the best in class – where do you shop online, and which processes impress you the most? Are you doing the same? Simple tweaks can dramatically improve a user’s experience and improve your conversion rates in the process.

#6 Optimise your customer support

Great customer support and service is a major differentiator for the majority of customers, and online is no different. Even if it’s just for the duration of the Christmas shopping period, you could beef up your customer service and support lines through online chat agents, email and phone support and a really comprehensive FAQ section.

Implementing the above strategies can be done fairly quickly and easily and can have a massive impact on your conversion from site visitor to customer, and hopefully repeat business over time.

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