Familiarity breeds contempt, or does it?

Monday, 30th November 2015

Familiarity (although sometimes it is said it breeds contempt) also reduces anxiety

Having a similar web look to other websites isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I believe we have matured in the way we consume the web over the last 10 years, which has resulted in a lot of merging and more common User Interface (UI) design patterns, processes, prompts and familiarity. Website design patterns appear to have ‘settled’ and as such, there ‘seems’ to be a temporary slowing of progress in the way of innovation when it comes to UI structure, patterns and visuals at the present time.

Familiarity (although sometimes it is said it ‘breeds contempt’) also reduces anxiety in how to find what you are looking for. A more standardised web experience works well on multiple devices and platforms (desktop, ipad, and phone). As a consequence of this ‘responsive’ web design is becoming less of a trend and more of a ‘best practice’ for websites and user satisfaction.

In addition there also seems to be retro early 2000s semi-revivals of page functions like hover prompts, animations, buttons or page areas revealing depth or 3Dness. This is achieved today in a more subtly styled way of course. There is, and will also continue to be, a growing emphasis on video splash screens too now we really have the broadband speeds and efficiency to make it happen. You have probably noticed this is creeping in more to certain modern website or established website re-vamps. Television and movies are such a staple part of our cultural diet, so why not bring this visual descriptiveness to websites now we have the technical ability and internet availability to do this.

The following article covers the points above and many others. There are some article inputs and opinions that I do not fully agree with all in the following article, but essentially it is a good reference guide –