Even the big boys can get it wrong

Tuesday, 17th March 2015

Even the big boys can get it wrong

Today I was doing a little research on top websites, when I ended up on the Play.com website. For a few years this has been a go to place for me along with Amazon, but I noticed two things today that didn’t seem very clever….

Firstly, the obvious one. To order in time for mothers day, you would have needed to order by Friday 13th, March and today it’s Tuesday 17th. Probably longer if they use Yodel.

But for me the big surprise is re-branding the hugely successful play.com brand to rakuten.co.uk. It irks me for a number of reasons:

play.com is a very well recognised brand

it’s an short and easy to remember url

I’d struggle to spell Rakuten when I’m trying to find the site in future

As Rakuten it will just merge into the huge range of oddly titled websites which choose a name based on a url availability or uniqueness rather than anything meaningful or memorable

Perhaps there is a legal reason behind the change, but it strikes me as a case of rebranding for the sake of it

What are your thoughts? Perhaps you know the real reason behind the change, so please comment below.