Email Marketing Checklist: Setting up Campaigns that Really Deliver

21st Sep 2022

Last week’s Realnet news article focused on the value that a well-planned email marketing strategy can deliver to your business.

Despite being one of the oldest marketing channels, email still delivers a higher ROI than any other channel and should form a major component of your overall digital marketing and growth strategy in 2022 and beyond.

But just sending out an email – no matter how well structured and targeted – is just one part of making sure that you get the best bang for buck, so to speak, from your campaign.

To ensure that your campaign truly stands out and delivers to your business’s bottom line, you need to make sure that all the supplementary and support services around the campaign are in place so that every component of the campaign works together seamlessly to deliver maximum value.

Here are some of the key considerations to make before pushing ‘go’ on your email campaign.

#1 Set goals and know how to measure success

There is little or no point in setting up a campaign without having a clear idea of what it is you want to achieve. Here are some questions to ask in the planning stages:

  • Who is this campaign going to and why?
  • Is the campaign awareness, engagement or sales driven?
  • How are you communicating this in the email subject and content?
  • Are the correct channels in place once a recipient clicks on the email call to action?
  • What would you consider as successful metrics to measure any of those goals against?
  • How will you measure these?
  • How does success in terms of goal completion translate into ROI (i.e. what did I spend on the campaign, and how much did it make by converting visitors into customers)

#2 Have you communicated effectively to all the people involved?

Even if your campaign is highly successful in terms of email opens and link clicks, what happens beyond is critically important. There is little point in a recipient clicking on a call to action only to find they don’t get a response or aren’t able to progress with whatever it is they want to do (and what it is that you want them to do).

To ensure this doesn’t happen, ask yourself:

  • Is my call to action clear enough and linked correctly to a landing page that helps my potential customer complete their goal?
  • Do my staff know about this campaign, and are they fully briefed to offer all the support a customer may need to achieve their goal?
  • Are there multiple channels in place to support enquiries, including AI-based chatbots, call center staff and a FAQs page?

#3 What other marketing channels and platforms are you using to support your campaign?

Very little happens in isolation, and to ensure that your email campaign delivers the highest possible return, you need to ensure that all of your other marketing and digital platforms reinforce and amplify your email campaign. This includes your social media channels, pages on your website and any creative assets you use across your platforms to create a comprehensive and cohesive digital marketing campaign.

#4 What is your re-marketing strategy?

All digital marketing campaigns, including email, will have a certain success rate and a certain ‘drop off’ rate – in other words, a person who clicks on the call to action and may proceed to a certain point in the goal transaction (for example, putting an item into their online basket but not proceeding to make payment).

Do you have a strategy in place to identify these people and to follow up with them to see if there’s something else they need to convince them to complete the transaction?

There are various ways of doing so using digital tools to help you identify people to re-market to, and it’s a highly-worthwhile exercise – research shows that people who receive re-marketing messages are 70% more likely to convert on an offer.

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