Easy Tips To Transform Browsers To Buyers

Wednesday, 14th August 2019

Try these easy steps to turn your online browsers into online shoppers.

We have spoken before of how more and more shoppers are relying on videos to help them decide on which products to buy, and which to avoid.

Increasingly, that shopping is taking place online, with a recent survey showing that at any given time, 84% of Americans are shopping for something, of which a quarter of those turn to their mobile devices first.

A lot of that information is gathered on YouTube, with 90% of people polled saying they discover new products on the video channel.

However, as more people turn to YouTube or Google for shopping advice, so more and more marketers populate the internet with their products, resulting in a massive struggle for attention.

So how can you make your brand or product stand out from the clutter and retain then interest? 

Firstly, sell your product in a unique way. As mentioned, there are millions of product videos fighting for attention. Try and be creative and come up with an original concept that stands out from all the online shopping noise, be that from a look and feel perspective, a left-field title, or something totally out of the box like a quirky challenge or a funny story.

However, don’t try and be clickbaity. Deliver what it says on the box, so to speak, or risk losing a potential buyer forever.

Secondly, make sure you show buyers how to use it. Don’t just showcase a product with pretty visuals and hope it sells; show them how it it works and what its best features are, and then get people to share their experiences of using it. 55% of all shoppers say they always watch a video of a product after finding it on Google. And we know word of mouth is increasing trusted source for users.

Once you have their attention and interest, there is one last thing to remember … make it easy for them to purchase the product. Don’t do all the hard work of creating an amazing video, only to spoil it at the end with a laborious and complicated checkout experience. Work on the 'see it, like it, buy it' journey that rules online shopping.

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