Brilliant Search Console Insights Tool on the Horizon

27th Jul 2020

One of the most active methods to build new audience and potential customers through your website is by creating fresh, informational and relevant content.

To help content creators gain invaluable insights into how audiences discover their content and what content is the most engaging, Google has upgraded their Search Console platform to include new functionality.

Search Console Insights, currently in beta testing through a small testing group, combines both Search Console and Google Analytics in one view, giving users the data required to make informed decisions around content creation and visibility of consumption behaviour at a deep level.

The What and How, so that you can work on the Why

Search Console Insights helps content creators understand:

  • What content is performing best
  • How it’s discovered
  • How it’s performing
  • What the top queries are that your content is appearing for
  • What backlinking your site content is achieving

Based on these insights, content creators are able to generate more content that performs well, update existing content to optimise it even more effectively, generate broader reach through link sharing and drive higher conversion to goal.

Although Search Console Insights is not yet available to everyone, Google has announced it publicly and will release it globally in due course.

The best part?

Google has worked hard over the last 12 months or so to simplify its analytics tools, making them more inclusive and easier to understand for users across the spectrum of expertise.

As an example, the new Search Console Insights dashboard is highly visual, making it very user friendly which will encourage daily interaction with the platform.

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