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18th Aug 2022

At the heart of content marketing – and actually all digital marketing activities – is your website.

This is your 24/7, always on brand home that works for you to invite customers to make enquiries, buy your items or services or browse for more information. And consequently, it’s so important that the content on your website is of the highest quality.

Google ranks websites on a number of factors, with content being the most important of all, using what is commonly known as E.A.T – the Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness algorithm.

What does this mean for you? Your content needs to work as hard as it can to deliver against those criteria.

So how do you go about creating powerful, effective and informative content for your website, which can also guide the content you use in your marketing strategy?

Here are some great pointers for you…

1. Focus on EAT

Your company and its employees are likely to be experts in the main activity you all undertake each day.

Make sure your content covers the level of expertise that really shows your potential and existing customers that you know what you’re talking about.

Make sure your content is:

· Up to date with the latest developments, technologies, services etc. so that your site visitors get all the right information every time they come to your website

· Created by people who really know what they’re talking about to give it the level of expertise and authoritativeness it needs to develop trust

· Factual and relevant to your business, sector and industry

· Written for your audience in language that makes sense to them

· Written in a way that’s accessible to all visitors – steer clear of unnecessary jargon and technical terms if possible, or be sure to explain these clearly wherever they have to be used

2. Make your content easy to read!

It doesn’t matter how factually accurate your content is, or how much great information your experts write, if how it’s presented on the website makes it hard to read or hard to find you’ll lose potential customers immediately, and Google will drop your rankings as a result.

Luckily, this is really easy to achieve and has the additional benefit of helping your site’s overall SEO simply by:

· Using clear main and sub-headers (ensuring that they are tagged correctly as H1, H2, H3 etc. headers depending on their importance on the page)

· Making sure your text is broken up into bite-sized paragraphs and shorter sentences

· Leaving enough clear space around text to ensure a reader’s eye tracks easily

· Paginating your website correctly so that there’s not too much text on a page – rather break up your site into sub-pages to host each specific aspect of your business’s offering (products, services, information etc.)

· Checking that your spelling and grammar is on point – no-one likes lazy, sloppy language and spelling or missing full-stops, commas etc.

3. Diversify your content

Website content doesn’t all have to be written. In fact, a good dose of diversity not only helps your visitors but encourages Google to rank you higher!

Break up your content types with videos, graphics, images and infographics to give your reader’s eyes an easy-to-navigate, visually stimulating journey through your website.

Some additional tips

· Make sure you give your visitors a clear call to action at the end of each page

· One of the easiest ways to break up your content is to create lists – and Google loves a list!

· Make good use of keywords in all your content to ensure your SEO is strong

· Include a good dose of sensible internal linking – highlighted and linked keywords in copy encourage a visitor to explore your site more thoroughly

· Be compelling and passionate about your subject matter – you’re trying to build trust and encourage a relationship with potential customers, and they have to believe that you’re as invested in your products and services as you’re asking them to be!

If you need help creating a powerful content strategy for your website and marketing campaigns, speak to the Realnet team today on 01223 550800 or– we’re here to help!

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