Creating a clear journey through good visual design and solid engineering

Thursday, 17th October 2013

Website visuals and the engineering are seemingly converging

Website visuals and the engineering are seemingly converging. The design is now being more driven by analytics evidence and the way viewers navigate around the website to find the information they require.

Changes applied from the analytics evidence in the design and engineering ultimately create more valid and tailored enquiries or better sales and even upselling of extras, accessories, different postage versions etc…

The design can still be fresh stylish and creative but the journey also really needs to serve a solid purpose or purposes using the analytics information.

“Hand holding” and guiding a viewer through a website requires a coming together of the brand related design (to show that you are in the right place) – giving the viewer confidence, providing them comfort and reducing anxiety and a good sense of destination using clearly designed intuitive calls to action with good solid engineering behind the scenes.

Here is an article that expands on this and explains using good examples –