Content Marketing Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss

5th Feb 2020

Content Marketing Tips

Digital marketing experts around the globe have indicated that their key focus for 2020, and likely two years beyond, will be on content-based marketing.

A report recently released by online magazine eMarketer reveals that 80% of marketing professionals believe the trend – which makes use of insightful, useful and relevant content to raise a company’s profile online – is the most important strategy to improve performance.

Key trends within Content Marketing strategy

As the market evolves to cater to new digital behavioural trends such as increased video consumption (long- and short-form), podcasts and voice search, digital marketers are faced with the challenge of adapting strategies to meet these trends.

Non-traditional forms of content marketing, beyond simple editorial content and social media posting, include:

  • Facebook Live and Instagram TV (IGTV)
  • Marketing through TikTok (especially for audiences under 30 years old), including Hashtag Challenges
  • Encouraging User Generated Content through competition
  • Podcasting
  • Media Rich video (video that includes animation, graphics, augmented reality etc.)
  • Influencer marketing

5 other key trends in 2020 Digital Marketing

Content needs to bedeeper, longer and authentic

Superficial content is a thing of the past – the average word count for top-ranking content marketing pieces these days is 2 207! That means your content has to be well-researched, well-constructed and well-written.

Invest in Content Creation resources

Simply banging together a lengthy piece of content with little planning, research and focus will be wasted time.

  • Invest in tools that allow you to know what keywords and topics should be included
  • Plan the piece properly, ensuring the focus is clear
  • Write and edit properly
  • Plan and produce graphics, images, videos, audio clips that enhance the content
  • Ensure you optimise the piece correctly once it’s live

Personalise and customise the consumption experience

A first-time visitor to your site will need to be engaged differently to someone who has been there 20 times – make sure you’re planning accordingly by serving them content that meets their specific needs.

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