Class Finder provides easy data lifting solution to fitness studios

Thursday, 25th July 2013

The UKs premiere fitness class| club and instructor website has launched, the UK’s premiere fitness class, club and instructor website has launched an unmissable new service for fitness clubs feeling the burn of timetable management.

Most clubs maintain their timetable on their website, as well as timetables in various other forms on various sites. Having a content management system for regularly changing class timetables can be an expensive and time consuming business to manage; and many clubs also find themselves having to update the same information in several places. Understandably, timetable co-ordinators are often left spinning by the high intensity circuits they have to take to keep everything in shape.  However – managers fear not.  Class Finder have trimmed down the time required to manage listings, and toned up their latest offering to clubs and venues, with the introduction of a new single point of entry solution.

To ease up your time, Class Finder now offer an embedded timetable function – with no heavy-lifting needed to implement the system.  This is how it works (out):

For example, the Frank Lee has a live regularly updated timetable on the Class Finder website:

Through the easy to use venue profile management on Class Finder, the timetable is kept constantly up to date.

The information is then crunched, and pulled-up on Frank Lee’s own website:

Now both sites show the live timetable, with no wait/weight involved, managed by a single person from a single point.

It’s all easy for Studio Coordinators to use, generates more interest in the classes, and keeps members informed. Another win win all round, and a new personal best for the team behind Class Finder.  If you’d like to know more, check out or contact Realnet.  Our web solutions are guaranteed to raise your heart rate – in a good way!