Cavendish French Redesign

Friday, 10th January 2020

We are very excited to share Cavendish French's redesigned website.

In 2019, we had the pleasure of launching the redesign of the Cavendish French website.

Cavendish French is an independent designer of beautiful contemporary jewellery with stunning collections of sterling silver and stone set pieces. They create and sell unique collections that are perfect exquisite luxury gifts but without the price tag or the worry.

When working with Cavendish French, there was an agreement that the website’s appearance would benefit from a more ‘modern’ contemporary aesthetic whilst also addressing it’s over 30-year-old target audience. This update would provide Cavendish French with far greater flexibility with the homepage and thus enable them to digitally market themself more successfully via their site.

We decided to put a key focus on updating the homepage design to be slightly more commercial than it was before. This included showcasing more elements of their product range and included available spaces to showcase special offers or upcoming events.


We encourage you to visit the website and have a look around.