Breadcrumbs Replace URLs In Search Results

Thursday, 1st January 1970

Google has updated web search results to include breadcrumbs

Search Engine giant Google has made a minor update to its search results to help users find more information at first glance. In the past, a search result would have simply yielded a page's URL underneath the main Page Title, followed by the snippet (the sentence or two explaining the content on that page).

But to make things a little simpler, for pages that have been created using the 'breadcrumb semantic markup', or where Google is able to generate its own breadcrumb, they are now giving users more clues as to where a page lies within a site by giving the breadcrumb trail showing the page within its relevant category/sub-category.

As an example, let's say you're doing a search for 'fine art London' - in the past you'd have received results including

This would now display as › galleries › london-covent-garden 

In the instance where Google isn’t given the breadcrumb information to use, and isn't able to work it out, the result will not be dissimilar to the URL, although over the course of time this will standardise across all search.

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