Be careful what you trend with

10th May 2016

The online world and its tech is still moving fast and morphing and developing as it goes. We hear about new trends all the time, but be careful how you get used to them as although some stay, many change, upgrade or perhaps just fizzle out.

The pace of change towards the way mobile technology has progressed is in part due to ‘disruptive innovation’ whereby a ‘new’ slightly inferior product comes onto a marketplace where many people can afford to try it plus these products don’t directly compete with the current established technology, e.g. mobile devices do not directly compete with a desktop PC in general because of all the additional kit and cost required to set a desktop pc. The mobile device because of its relatively low cost, instant gratification and complete accessibility has made this happen.

More and more of us use convenient mobile devices to quickly get on the internet, but in our design and development hurry to spread the mobile goodness and help mobile users get what we think is the best mobile experience, perhaps some of the tools and features we are producing are not helping as well as they could, or as well as we think they might. The consistency and availability of fancy features and navigational tools to get to your required information can sometimes be confusing.

There are many millions of viewers that can percieve things very differently on the web. It is best to keep it clean, simple and guide a viewer to their goal easily on a mobile or any other device.

Below is an article link that covers a dusting of features and tools, some which make sense, some that might not and some that are open to your own interpretation. Remember, the online world although appearing to mature nicely on the outside is still a hive of busy developing activity.

“Good trends come along and tend to stick, but there will always be some that are ill thought out.”

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