All About Google Responsive Search Adverts

4th Mar 2019

All About Google Responsive Search Adverts

Google first introduced responsive search adverts last year as part of the movement towards machine learning and as a way to take automation to the next level for content optimisation. Currently, these adverts are in Beta and may not be available to all advertisers.

What is a responsive search ad?

A responsive search ad is a type of advert available on Google that adapts to show different text and more relevant messages to your customers and potential clients.

With a responsive search ad, you can enter multiple headlines and descriptions. Google then automatically tests these in different combinations to choose the best performing one. By understanding what works best and adapting ad content, this will greatly improve campaign performance and ROI.

How do I build a responsive search ad?

Google allows you to have up to 15 different headlines and 4 different descriptions when building your advert. It will then test various combinations of headlines and descriptions to learn which ones perform best.

Key features

  • Pin headlines and descriptions – If you have a specific message that you’d like to always include in your ad, you can make sure it always shows by pinning it
  • Write 15 different headlines and 4 descriptions – By making sure you have the maximum number of headlines and descriptions you increase the strength of your advert
  • 300 characters of text – this is twice as long as an expanded search advert!

What are the benefits?

  • Increased ROI – Google chooses the best performing ad based on combination tests meaning this will greatly increase performance and ROI
  • Flexible ads – Adverts will adapt to device widths and screen sizes
  • Time-saving – After providing your headlines and descriptions, Google does the hard work by testing your adverts and showing the most relevant combinations to your target audience
  • Further your reach – Multiple headlines and description combinations mean your adverts have a greater opportunity to reach more audiences and match more search queries

What does this mean for expanded text ads?

Expanded text adverts are here to stay and Google has no plans to get rid of these.

Our team of experts

At Realnet, we take the difficulty out of Google Ad campaigns. Our team of in-house experts can set up campaigns or manage existing ones to:

  • Carry out keyword research
  • Write your advert copy
  • Monitor performance and make regular updates
  • Provide a detailed monthly report

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