A tested development

19th Jun 2014

Realnet are pleased to announce that our latest studio project is now live on the world stage. The first phase of development for the all new Cambridgeshire Music Hub portal is now online at www.mushcambs.org.uk

Mush is the community and networking site for music, musicians, and bands throughout Cambridgeshire. The site is the brainchild of the Cambridgeshire Music Education Hub and is a comprehensive community tool that allows anyone with an interest in, or appreciation of, music to develop and broaden their experience, knowledge, and talent. It connects users through search and preference tools with activities and resources, and sign-posts areas of interest. Funded by the Arts Council England, the site is set to be the primary music resource for the region.

Realnet proved instrumental in bringing the idea to life. A-chording to Marco (the one with the pointy guitar), careful management, a strong development line-up, and a team working in harmony, meant this was no solo effort. The site is fronted by a strong feature set, and will scale as the audience grows. We’d like to welcome everyone with an interest in music to the site, and encourage you not to refrain from setting up your profile and putting yourself centre stage.

In picture: Members of the Realnet super-group celebrate the live release of Mush

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