2020 Digital Marketing: Key Upcoming Trends

Wednesday, 18th December 2019

Keep your business on top by preparing for the new year of key digital marketing trends.

2019 is almost at an end and Festive Season preparations are well underway, but it’s also a good time to take stock of your business successes from the last 12 months, review areas you would like to improve.

Chief amongst things that we can always work harder on is marketing, and in particular digital marketing.

Now is a great time to think about and begin planning your 2020 marketing strategy – how will you give your brand the best online presence possible to maximise visitors, enquiries, sales and brand growth?

Here are our quick online marketing insights and trends to guide you as you head towards an exciting online world in 2020. 

Intelligent remarketing campaigns

We’ve all had the experience of searching for a product or service online, and then noticing that same product or service popping up as an offer when we’re on Facebook, or many other sites with online advertising.

That happens because we’ve been associated with a particular interest, and the unique anonymous identifier which tracks our behaviour through cookies forms part of a re-marketing campaign paid for by that product or service supplier.

Remarketing is a key trend in 2019 that is really set to grow in 2020 – targeted, interest-based, relevant digital adverts have a far higher conversion rate, and should be high on your list as a priority for digital spend.

Marketing automation

The days of tedious, manual processes to gather audience data, segment audiences into interest groups, create campaigns for each group and manually track and gather the return data from campaigns are long gone.

This is the age of marketing automation, with many software options to help you not only build those audiences based on a wide range of parameters, but also to generate targeted campaigns that are highly-optimised to ensure maximum impact and minimal wastage (both in time and cost terms).

Marketing automation streamlines the entire process, providing you with a slick campaign to result to conversion funnel which is completely measureable.

Artificial intelligence and Chatbots

The increased need from consumers to be able to get information on the go, and immediately has given great impetus to the acceleration of automated response robots, otherwise known as Chatbots. 

Using machine learning to continuously improve responses, Chatbots are increasingly taking over from humans in the customer service space and other sectors to automate communication and create personalised customer experiences.

Although they have some way to go before they can really match a human response, Chatbots are a great way to manage large volumes of enquiries, filter requests into the correct funnel before handing over to the right actual person to resolve the query.

The Age of the Social Media Influencer

Social media channels are awash with billions of users, and none more powerful than the Influencers – individuals with followings so large that they are able to guide popular culture, retail uptake, fashion, music trends and more.

As a brand, it is a good idea to consider and review popular, well-known influencers to see whether your product or service suits them and their audience, and whether it would be worth engaging them. 

A positive review can exponentially increase the brand awareness and potentially sales of a business so it can be well worth the investment. 

Similarly, while it is good to consider popular influencers, micro-influencers can sometimes be even more of a profitable investment. While their number of followers and thus reach may be lower, they tend to have a greater connection with their audience. 

Their authenticity benefits the brand by allowing them to be perceived as more genuine and trustworthy to their audience.

Gamification is everywhere

At the grand scale, online gaming is, without doubt, the largest growth sector in the online space – the world’s largest game, League of Legends, has over 100-million online players and is growing every second.

Many businesses and marketing strategists are borrowing the elements that make online gaming so popular to create more engagement and conversion on their products or services. 

By offering a small incentive for site visitors to complete a questionnaire, play a quiz, play a short game or similar, businesses are able to engage a user, gather valuable behaviour data and give a user a far better sense of value that will keep them coming back for more.

Increased Consumer Privacy and KYC

In 2019 and years prior, there have been frequent misuses and lack of transparency when it comes to customer information. 

Unfortunately, even large businesses like Facebook and Google have had their security breaches and privacy faux pas that have enlightened users to the fact that their data isn’t as secure as they may have previously thought. 

As a result, we believe that there is likely going to be a variety of marketing campaigns by brands that are intended to reassure their customers and highlight the key unique selling points when it comes to their data protection. 

In 2020, users could find themselves weighing up the pros of the product/service with the reliability of the brand as a key indicator, which would shift the priorities of each brand’s marketing strategy.

Whatever your strategy for 2020, let Realnet help and guide you to ensure you stay on or ahead of the trend, and get the best return on investment possible!

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