2017: what is your digital strategy?

Monday, 12th December 2016

Is your website generating the leads and sales you need?

It’s that crazy time of year when everyone is rushing around between festive season shopping, work parties, finishing up projects and trying to clear their desks. 

But take a moment to think about 2017 – is your digital strategy part of your planning for next year? If so, is it front of mind, or just on the back burner? Because the fact is an effective digital marketing plan could just be the thing that kicks your 2017 off on a very high note!

Is your website generating the leads and sales you need ..... 

Things to consider

How effective is my current website?

A major part of your digital marketing strategy is its ‘hub’ – your website. Ask yourself the following key questions:

  1. Is my site attractive, mobile responsive, and goal-orientated?
  2. Is it well-optimised?
  3. Is it delivering new leads?
  4. What extra content or functionalities could it have to deliver more effectively?
  5. How easy is it for me to update the content?
  6. How am I measuring success? 

How effective is my Social Media?

Exposing your business to the right target audience is a major factor in driving new leads. Social media platforms are cost-effective, measureable and highly-qualified channels if used properly. Ask yourself:

  1. Do I have a social marketing strategy that fits with my business objectives?
  2. Am I using the right social media platforms?
  3. What budget should I allocate, and to which platforms?
  4. Am I targeting the right audiences?
  5. Am I producing the right content for these platforms to maximise engagement?
  6. Am I measuring the referral rate from these platforms into my main business site?
  7. Am I being collaborative enough, and engaging complementary businesses to support my growth? 

How effective is my Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is just another way of saying ‘writing the right sort of thing on a regular enough basis to engage a particular audience’. Well-written, relevant and helpful content about your business sector (note: not your business!) is a great way to attract qualified new leads without a direct sales pitch. Ask youself:

  1. Do I have a Content Marketing strategy?
  2. Do I have the right channels to distribute my content?
  3. Is the content I’m producing right for my business sector and is it engaging people?
  4. How am I measuring success?

By addressing these three core digital marketing platforms, and formulating a clear plan that refines, implements and integrates them seamlessly, your digital marketing strategy for 2017 is bound to deliver exactly the results you want. 


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