What does ‘landing page conversion’ mean?

Firstly, what are landing pages?

Landing pages are website pages that are designed to be entry points to your website for specific products or services targeted by a campaign of some sort, which could be SEO, social, PPC (Pay Per Click), or even print.

What does landing page conversion mean?

Landing page conversions are visitors that turn into your target lead type, which could be sales, service enquiries, quotes or bookings.

Sending traffic to landing pages that don’t convert can be a significant waste of time and money. Either via long term SEO, or by a costly PPC Campaign, you could spend quite a lot of money sending traffic to a website that then doesn’t achieve anything.
This is why sometimes, if we are approached by a client for PPC campaign management, digital marketing or SEO, we will recommend other amendments to optimise landing pages for conversion, to enhance their investment in our services.

Optimise your landing page for conversion

Here are some basics that we might recommend to enhance landing page conversion rates:

Engaging and Relevant Content

Make sure that your landing page content directly addresses the need of the visitors delivered by your targeted SEO and keep the messaging of your landing page consistent with the ad copy to make sure that you meet visitor expectations if targeted by a PPC campaign. Use clear and concise language to convey your message quickly.

Provide a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Make your CTA obvious by using bold and contrasting colours. Use action-oriented language that tells visitors exactly what to do e.g. ‘Talk to Us’ or ‘Join Now’.

Provide a Good User Experience (UX)

The very basics; ensure your page loads quickly, make sure the it is fully functional on all devices and provide simple, obvious navigation.

Use Relevant, High-Quality Images

Use professional, high-resolution images that are relevant to your content, it will showcase your products and services better.

Build Trust

Reviews and testimonials are great to build trust and a sense of legitimacy, which is essential when trying to engage business from completely new sources.

Clear and Concise Forms

If you use forms to collect leads, include minimal fields to ask for essential information to make it quick and easy for your visitors.

In Conclusion

You can significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing budget by first investing a bit of time in your landing pages. To optimise your landing page for conversion, you need to build trust quickly by providing a good user-experience, delivering relevant information and clear calls-to-action.

If you need any help with optimising your landing pages for conversions, or the PPC Campaign management, SEO or more general digital marketing to drive traffic to your website, contact Realnet, Cambridge today.

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