Does WooCommerce Allow Price Breaks?

Price breaks within your ecommerce website are a great way to offer discounts or incentives to your customers based on the number of products they buy. As standard, WooCommerce does not currently enable price breaks, however, there are options available.

Realnet has included WooCommerce price breaks through a separate plugin. This allows you to create different pricing tiers or levels for your products, depending on how many units or how much money your customers spend. For example, you can set up a price break that gives 10% off if the customer buys 5 or more items, or 15% off if they spend £100 or more. This way, you can encourage your customers to buy more and increase your sales and revenue.

For easier management, you can also apply price breaks at category level so that each individual product does not require its own setup and maintenance.

The WooCommerce price break plugins we have installed are easy to configure, and work with any product type, including simple, variable, grouped, and subscription products. You can also customise the display of the price breaks on the product page, basket page, and checkout page, as well as the email notifications and invoices.

We ensure this, and any plugins we use are compatible with any existing WooCommerce extensions and WordPress themes.

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