Can You Login as a Specific Customer in WooCommerce?

Yes, there are plugins that allow you to login as a specific customer in WooCommerce. They are typically easy to implement and can allow the website vendor to assist with a customer query or issue quickly and easily, particularly when the customer is less technically savvy.

Acting on behalf of a customer in order to complete or amend an order in WooCommerce, can be a useful tool on a website that has user accounts. It allows you to see exactly what they can see to resolve their issue, and potentially troubleshoot any previously unknown problems that might be complicating the user-experience. The customer login plugins that we have reviewed or used tend to display a Login option against the user record in the WooCommerce > Customers module.

Before implementing this type of plugin, you should consider any GDPR or data protection issues. In many cases, the data available to you will be accessible as part of other order and fulfillment processes, but, a procedure that ensures activity conducted on behalf of a customer is carried out with consent, should be in place.

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