Can WooCommerce create invoices?

14th Jul 2023

There are a number of plugins available for WooCommerce that will add the ability to generate, download or email invoices as an automatically generated PDF.

Realnet have implemented this facility for a number of ecommerce clients and our favoured plugin meshes seamlessly into the Orders module of WooCommerce.

Invoices can be generated at set points (order process status) and can be automatically emailed as a PDF to both the customer and your own admin email address as part of the WooCommerce ordering process.

The Invoices module also allows you to resent the invoice to the customer or download the PDF document at any point.
There are a number of settings to allow the customisation of your invoice documents including:

  • Invoice number format
  • Company logo
  • Company address
  • VAT number
  • Invoice date point

Your customers can also be enabled to view, print and download their own invoices from their WooCommerce user account if you wish.

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