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Can You Login as a Specific Customer in WooCommerce?

Yes, there are plugins that allow you to login as a specific customer in WooCommerce. They are typically easy to implement and can allow the website vendor to assist with a customer query or issue quickly and easily, particularly when the customer is less technically...

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Does WooCommerce Allow Quotes?

Yes, there are some really good plugins available for WooCommerce websites that allow your customers to request a quote online. We have several clients who find enabling WooCommerce quotes to their online customers particularly useful. It might be that there are...

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Does WooCommerce Allow Price Breaks?

Price breaks within your ecommerce website are a great way to offer discounts or incentives to your customers based on the number of products they buy. As standard, WooCommerce does not currently enable price breaks, however, there are options available. Realnet has...

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What’s the best site search for WordPress?

Simple site-wide search boxes are a common feature of many websites and allow your visitors to narrow down their search range or find very specific items quickly and easily, IF set up correctly. There are a wide range of search plugins available for WordPress and...

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Can WooCommerce create invoices?

There are a number of plugins available for WooCommerce that will add the ability to generate, download or email invoices as an automatically generated PDF. Realnet have implemented this facility for a number of ecommerce clients and our favoured plugin meshes...

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