Content Marketing

Creating interesting, relevant and purposeful online content

Content marketing is about creating relevant and useful content to distribute across digital channels to reach potential customers. The most effective approach is listening to your target audience and addressing their questions and concerns.

By addressing your customers’ inquiries openly, honestly, and authoritatively, you can establish yourself as an authority in your industry and build a strong customer base. To achieve this, powerful content marketing strategies connect with your audience at different stages of their decision-making journey: Awareness, Consideration, and Intent.

Attract, engage, retain

We help you to attract, engage, and retain customers by developing a content marketing strategy focused on answering the right questions. By understanding your business, target customers, unique selling points, and customer inquiries, we can build a comprehensive, authoritative voice for your brand.

Content marketing from a Cambridge-based agency

Content marketing

Aims of content marketing

Build brand awareness

Widen your reach

Improve your organic traffic

Build trust with your potential clients

understand your target audience

Targeted content

Who is your target market? Understand your audience, answer their questions

Establish your organisation as an authority in your field

SEO Cambridge

Optimised Content

Good quality content

Keyword optimised

Easy to consume

Answer their questions

SEO analysis Cambridge

Results & Analysis

What is drawing web traffic?

Does it convert into sales or enquiries?

Continue to analyse, react and adapt for success

We achieve these goals by creating targeted, optimised, and easy-to-consume content that answers your customers’ questions. Through continuous analysis and adaptation, we ensure that your content strategy delivers optimal results and attracts web traffic that converts into sales or inquiries.

With our approach, you can become the go-to resource for your customer base and build a strong and authoritative presence in your industry.

By bringing together other skills including SEO and website design and build, to ensure that your content generates tangible benefits rather than becoming a chore.

Content Marketing Case Study

See how content marketing has benefited our clients.

Gallico Systems, Haverhill - content marketing

Gallico Systems – Content Marketing

Gallico Systems’ website was out of date, not promoting the right services, not mobile friendly and other SEO-related issues, leading to low numbers of enquiries.

Realnet arranged a conference call interview with the client to extract accurate information to create brand new, high-quality website content for each of the new focus areas.