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Frampton Worldwide has been designing and manufacturing industrial-scale ovens and grills for over 25 years. They are a UK company with a great tradition of international exports of specialist, high-performance cooking solutions.


As with many clients who come to us initially, Framptons had a website that simply did not match up to the business in terms of its professionalism and innovative product portfolio. As a company, Framptons was well-respected in the industry and many of its machines had become a ‘gold standard’ for reliability and longevity.

It was important to elevate the website design to a far more professional look while, explaining the products available and underpinning this with core messages of experience, innovation and expertise. 

Ultimately, the website structure and content needed to both attract visitors (SEO) and encourage potential customers to make contact.


The existing website had become dormant in terms of new content so it was important for us to deliver the website and get it indexed by search engines e.g. Google ASAP. The project turnaround was approximately two months and the initial stages were dedicated to planning the website and content.

After analysing search terms and discussing audience types with the client, Realnet proposed a website structure with three visitor-type entry points:

•Machine required known by the potential customer

•Process e.g. steak grilling, known by the potential customer

•Food type e.g. vegetables, known by the potential customer

This also allowed long-tail keywords to be encompassed e.g. ‘bar marking machine for vegetables’.


At the time of writing, the website has been live for only a few weeks. However, the site is already ranking well for a number of keywords and is ranked in position 1 of Google for several of these. Working with the client on content planning has boosted the amount and quality of content throughout the website and dynamic content elements such as news, case studies and FAQs has ensured the website is far from dormant!

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We were happy to work with Frampton Worldwide and to help generate a more effective online presence for them by creating an updated website that is fully functional.  Read More.

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