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Vankit is one of Realnet’s longest-standing clients and has worked with us for more than a decade. Vankit offers a wide range of bespoke light steel and aluminium racking and storage solutions for vans, fleets supplied from single vans to 60 vans and more.

They use a CAD system to offer clients unique and bespoke options, with clients across the building, trade, support services and other industries.

Realnet built their current website on a bespoke platform and will be re-developing this using WordPress and WooCommerce during the course of 2023. We currently offer Vankit ongoing technical support, hosting and online sales support through Google Ads campaigns.


Vankit generates much of its revenues through online sales on their ecommerce website or direct sales that originate from online enquiries. In a competitive market, the challenge is to ensure that the website is optimised to achieve the highest search engine rankings for individual product or service searches, as well as more general searches for van storage and rack solutions.


To optimise and increase sales, Realnet works hard on website SEO, coordinated with PPC campaigns to drive particular products, categories and services depending on Vankit’s promotional calendar.

It’s essential that we work with Vankit to understand priority products and budgets, and that landing pages for each particular campaign focus are optimised for visitor engagement and maximised sales throughput. We then set up and implement PPC and Google Ads campaigns using various AdGroups, including a specific one for the Vankit brand which is an established brand in this industry in the UK.

PPC campaigns are set up with a focus on:

  • Relevant target audiences
  • A variety of extensions including Sitelink Extensions, Callout Extensions, Call Extensions, Structured Snippets, Price Extensions, Promotion Extension (when available) and Image Extension.

To ensure that all campaigns deliver optimal results, Realnet’s ongoing PPC management activities include:

  • Adding new keywords, negative keywords and master negative keyword list
  • Pausing low search volume keywords
  • Testing new responsive ad text copy and creating new ads to better convey value propositions
  • Monitoring bid adjustments across Locations, Ad Scheduling and Devices
  • Monitoring extension performance and testing new extensions
  • Leveraging Google’s built-in audience categories and setting up Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

As standard, we have been through the ‘advertiser verification’ process with Vankit which enables benefits including the use of the company logo on the search results snippets, giving the ad a professional and legitimate visual appeal.


The process of ongoing Ad campaign optimisation and refinement has had a significant impact on sales. A recent campaign delivered nearly 3000% ROI, with this and others being continuously adjusted to ensure ongoing growth.

Similar campaigns are being planned for the remainder of the year, with a focus on seasonal promotions.

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What does Vankit say?

“Realnet manage our Google Ads very effectively and I’m delighted with the return on investment.”

James Hardy – Managing Director
Earith, Cambridgeshire

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