Case Study: Vankit Direct

Vankit prides itself on its ability to deliver van storage solutions to customers quickly and efficiently. Founded in 2009, this Cambridgeshire company is the UK brand of one of Europe’s leading in-vehicle racking manufacturers. The company holds between 6,000 and 10,000 component parts in stock that can be ready for delivery within 2-3 days. Larger fleet work can be completed within 2-4 weeks.

Realnet has a long-running partnership with Vankit, covering many years of managing their website, digital marketing, hosting and PPC Campaign services.


Vankit’s website was built on a bespoke platform several years ago, so there were concerns that the supporting technology was outdated and could lead to security and performance issues. New features were required that could be integrated more cost-effectively using WordPress and WooCommerce.

The old website had a number of bespoke additions, particularly in terms of the product catalogue, design service and sales process, so part of the challenge was to maintain this level of functionality. Vankit has a thriving client base, accustomed to a straight-forward catalogue and checkout process, which we wanted to make even easier to use by paying real attention to the user-experience from initial product search to completed purchase.

All this needed to be considered alongside the transfer of the product catalogue and customer accounts from the original website to the new WooCommerce system.


A careful planning phase was undertaken, to ensure that all of the necessary elements and features, whether new or matching the previous website, were understood and included or improved upon.

The new Vankit ecommerce website was developed in WordPress and WooCommerce to include the following features:

  • Graphical filters for makes and models
  • Automatic product image watermarking
  • Dynamic product search
  • A straightforward customer journey
  • Guest checkout and return-customer accounts
  • Google Merchant Account product feed

Realnet managed the process of product catalogue migration from the old website to the new, with the client simply needing to review presented data sheets.

As with all Realnet projects, SEO was built in from the start, with the results of our updated keyword research embedded into the structure of the website and product catalogue.

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User Experience Tested


Moving to WordPress and WooCommerce has enabled a more easily maintainable platform while providing inherent benefits such as customer accounts for easier repeat business and greater flexibility for future features. The overall design of the website has been modernised and provides an improved user-experience on mobile phones.

Vankit enjoys top rankings in Google for a range of their products, all of which contributes to improved brand reputation and sales. At time of writing, Vankit boast top Google rankings for ‘van racking’.

What does Vankit Say?

“Vankit has had a strong and trusted relationship with Realnet spanning many years, so I trusted them completely to rebuild our website on the WordPress and WooCommerce platform. They did not let me down!”

James Hardy – Managing Director
Vankit, Cambridgeshire

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