Reza’s Tiles

Reza's Tiles - website for a Cambridge tile showroom

Reza’s Tiles is a Cambridge based tile showroom, offering customers a wide range of high-quality tiles for purchase online. Their website includes useful tools such as an online measurement tool to assess how many tiles to buy to cover a particular wall or floor surface. They pride themselves on quality products, a broad range of tiles and excellent customer service.

Realnet offers Reza’s tiles ongoing technical support, hosting and digital marketing support.


Reza’s Tiles had an ecommerce website built by another website design agency that did a very poor job, and as a result they ended up with a website that looked unfinished and a catalogue system that was totally unusable. The purchase process was cumbersome, with customers having to buy tiles individually, and without the help of an online calculator tool to ensure they bought the correct number of tiles. Additionally, the company that set the website up had not used catalogue categories and attributes/filters correctly so products listings were very random and did not allow a proper filter function by colour, material, price etc.

From an SEO perspective the website had broken links, poor content and little or no meta data completed for site pages. Content quality and quantity was low, and the website did not make best use of promoting one of the main USPs of the company which is their showroom.


Realnet conducted a website audit and reviewed the entire site from an SEO and UX (user experience) perspective. Following this, we agreed a short-term plan of action for the website that included:

  • Moving hosting over to Realnet
  • Creating maps for the site (general pages) and the catalogue
  • Creating import files for the catalogue so that categories, products and attributes could be imported to a new catalogue structure
  • Implementation of an integrated quantity calculator tool to help customers work out how many tiles they needed
  • The addition of extra content pages including a Showroom page
  • SEO work including the set-up of proper meta titles, descriptions and rules as well as page layouts and correct implementation of structural data throughout the website

We were able to re-use the overall design of the website, including the existing theme, in order to avoid a complete website rebuild, saving Reza’s Tiles both time and money. The entire process was conducted with ongoing communication and guidance for our client, in which we explained the the issues in a jargon-free manner and provided help with collecting the product data to be imported.


Reza’s Tiles now has a highly-optimised, functional and efficient website that draws customers in through excellent SEO, and a great user-experience guides them through an effective buying process to ensure that they get the tiles they want, in the right quantities, with minimum fuss.

Our client also has the technical support they need to do product re-imports when needed to add new product lines and remove discontinued ones, so stock lines are always up to date.

The website now promotes the showroom and they get a lot of local business via people coming in and physically viewing the tiles. As a result of these actions, year-on-year sales are improving, the business’s brand is enhanced and they are developing a new and repeat customer base.

What does Reza’s Tiles say?

“Following a bad experience with a different design agency, Realnet were a breath of fresh air and took the time to understand what we needed and put in place a project to get our website back up and running properly!”

Romana Assvadian – Reza’s Tiles, Cambridge

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