Case Study: AVM Services

AVM Services has provided specialist expertise in the field of decontamination of medical equipment and instruments since 1989 and operate within the Estates and Facilities Department of Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Realnet has been AVM’s trusted online partner for many years. Their website has been through various iterations from adding new features, services and courses to complete redesigns. Throughout this we have provided ongoing digital marketing and technical support.


In 2023, AVM launched a new wave of online decontamination courses built around a renowned training portal. Following this, in 2024, the time was right to move the main AVM website from a bespoke platform supported by dated technology to WordPress.

AVM Services operate as a commercial entity within the Trust and is continuously improving its offering across core service areas of training, validation, consultancy and authorising services.

Our brief for the new AVM website was to:

  • Modernise and improve the overall website design.
  • Leverage NHS credentials.
  • Improve user-experience on smaller devices.
  • Present a range of complex services clearly and effectively.
  • Implement features to enable greater digital marketing activity, notably AVM’s increase in video output.


Our solution was built around the delivery of three key goals:

  • Generate online sales enquiries.
  • Increase training course booking enquiries.
  • Create a growing prospect base through newsletter sign-ups.

The new website is built in WordPress and features a design that recognises AVM Services’ NHS origins whilst also providing a modern theme that engages with potential customers from both inside and outside of the NHS.

The use of accreditations and testimonials is designed to build trust and credibility.


The new website design presents their courses and service information in a more user-friendly manner with well-placed calls to action.

Previous search engine ranking has been maintained with terms such as ‘decontamination validation services’ and ‘decontamination consultancy services’, plus the website now boasts top ranking for the updated key phrase of ‘online decontamination training’.

AVM Services, Cambridge - website design

In April 2024, analytics show the following increases compared to April 2023:


More Users


More New Users

What do AVM Services Say?

“We have built a relationship of mutual trust and respect with Realnet over several years. Whether quickly jumping on a new course promotion or rebuilding the entire website, we know that Realnet will look after us!”

Nick Brown – General Manager
Cambridge University Hospitals Trust, Cambridge

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